First Choice Security makes it simple for you with the wireless XTI panel, with built-in encrypted cellular connection to the monitoring facility and for you being able to access it online or mobile. We want to make it safe, smart, and convenient for you with our smart control devices. Check them out.

XTI Panel

The future is here

Like traffic lights that send motion signals to motorist drivers, the XTI Panel sets forth the safety of your home. Transmit the signal and it becomes the green light to your home security!

Sensors throughout your home send wireless signals to your XTI Control Panel. When a sensor is activated, the monitoring site is immediately notified. Signals are carried using wireless cellular communication.

Tampering or attempting to cut your alarms signal is practically out of the question. A new hobby is highly recommended for bad guys. Because of the XTI’s Control Panel cellular communications technology, consider your walls to be wire free. And, as far as a landline phone? You will not be needing that!

Technical features-

  • Touchscreen LCD display
  • At-a-glance status of home and property
  • Actionable status icons for door/window open
  • Panic Button
  • 24 back up battery
  • Built-in siren
  • Chime feature for monitoring door, window or motion activity
  • Free app for iphone, android and blackberry
  • Menu-based for easy programming
  • Built-in tutorials
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Weather Reporting

XTI Key Fob

Use it as a key chain or carry it in your purse or pocket. With the XTI Key Fab you can easily arm or disarm your alarm system at the convenience of your reach.

How many do I need? –

Think of the XTI Fob as your spare key. It could also be used as a panic alarm if you have a home office.

XTI Talking Touch Screen

How many do I need?-

You generally want to put it in an area where you can get to it for easy system controls. Great for the second floor or master bedroom.

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Free Mobile Apps

Feel in charge and protected under your own customized rules. Monitor and control your system from wherever you go using the convenience of a pc or a mobile device. First Choice Security offers the best in home and business security. With technology that has never been more innovating which includes the Simon XTI line of controls, cameras, security and fire, home automation, and environmental regulations, browse through them now.

Free Download

Devices that are compatible-

Apple & Android App is available

XTI Emergency Wrist Pendent

Always feel secure with the XTI Emergency Pendent. It is a single button strap that you wear on your wrist just like you would wear a watch. If an emergency occurs simply press the button, the LEDs on either side of the button will blink and an alert is instantly triggered. The XTI Emergency Pendent is perfect for the elderly or a disabled person. More-often used for medical emergencies, it can be used in the outdoors for a range of up to 100 feet from the Control Panel. It is water resistent. Enjoy the outdoors of your home and feel secure while gardening, washing your car, checking the mail, or simply enjoying a nice day out on your porch.

How many do I need?-

We recommend to anyone elderly or has any health concerns.

XTI Translators For Existing Systems

The XTI Translator comes in two varieties: R/F (Radio frequency) and Hardwire. The XTI Wireless Translator interprets the signals sent from non-native security frequencies into a signal the XTI panel can understand. The XTI Hardwire translator can collect the signals sent by up to 8 wired zones and transmit them wirelessly to the XTI Panel.

How many do I need?

For Existing Wireless Systems-

The Wireless Translator will convert up to eight 63 of your current wireless devices. This will allow items like your current door or window sensors to send a signal to the XTI Panel. Note: Not for use with life safety devices, such as Smoke or CO sensors.

For Existing Hardwire Systems-

The Hardwire Translator will convert up to eight 8 of your wired devices. This will allow items like your current door or window sensors to send a signal to the XTI Panel. Note: Not for use with life safety devices, such as Smoke or CO sensors.