First Choice Security makes it simple for you with the wireless XTI panel. With built-in encrypted cellular connection to the monitoring facility, and for you being able to access it online or mobile. We want to make it safe, smart, and convenient for you, with our smart control devices. Check them out.

2 gig go control Home Automation System Including Burglary Package

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XTI Panel

The future is here

Like traffic lights that send motion signals to motorist drivers, the XTI Panel sets forth the safety of your home. Transmit the signal and it becomes the green light to your home security!

Sensors throughout your home send wireless signals to your XTI Control Panel. When a sensor is activated, the monitoring site is immediately notified. Signals are carried using wireless cellular communication.

Tampering or attempting to cut your alarms signal is practically out of the question. A new hobby is highly recommended for bad guys. Because of the XTI’s Control Panel cellular communications technology, consider your walls to be wire free. And, as far as a landline phone? You will not be needing that!

Technical features-

  • Touchscreen LCD display
  • At-a-glance status of home and property
  • Actionable status icons for door/window open
  • Panic Button
  • 24 back up battery
  • Built-in siren
  • Chime feature for monitoring door, window or motion activity
  • Free app for iphone, android and blackberry
  • Menu-based for easy programming
  • Built-in tutorials
  • Over the Air Updates
  • Weather Reporting

XTI Key Fob

Use it as a key chain or carry it in your purse or pocket. With the XTI Key Fob you can easily arm or disarm your alarm system at the convenience of your reach.

How many do I need? –

Think of the XTI Fob as your spare key. It could also be used as a panic alarm if you have a home office.

XTI Talking Touch Screen

The XTI Two-Way Talking Touch Screen is a color LCD screen, featuring a user-friendly interface that compliments the XTI security system for safety and peace of mind. In addition, optional wireless devices can be added to provide control over other functions, including Z-Wave® wireless lighting control devices, Z-Wave wireless thermostats for home, HVAC systems, and Z-Wave door lock control. This touch screen is the ideal solution for providing additional points of control throughout the home. Up to four touch screens can be installed in one home for maximum convenience.

How many do I need?-

You generally want to put it in an area where you can get to it for easy system controls. Great for the second floor or master bedroom.

Free Mobile Apps

Feel in charge and protected under your own customized rules. Monitor and control your system from wherever you go, using the convenience of a pc or a mobile device. First Choice Security offers the best in home and business security. With technology that has never been more innovating which includes the Simon XTI line of controls, cameras, security and fire, home automation, and environmental regulations, browse through them now.

Price- Free Download

Devices that are compatible-

Apple & Android App is available

XTI Emergency Wrist Pendent

Always feel secure with the XTI Emergency Pendent. It is a single button strap that you wear on your wrist, just like you would wear a watch. If an emergency occurs, simply press the button, the LEDs on either side of the button will blink and an alert is instantly triggered. The XTI Emergency Pendent is perfect for the elderly or a disabled person. More-often used for medical emergencies, it can be used in the outdoors for a range of up to 100 feet from the Control Panel. It is water resistant. Enjoy the outdoors of your home and feel secure while gardening, washing your car, checking the mail, or simply enjoying a nice day out on your porch.

How many do I need?-

We recommend to anyone elderly or has any health concerns.

XTI Translators For Existing Systems

The XTI Translator comes in two varieties: R/F (Radio frequency) and Hardwire. The XTI Wireless Translator interprets the signals sent from non-native security frequencies into a signal the XTI panel can understand. The XTI Hardwire translator can collect the signals sent by up to 8 wired zones and transmit them wirelessly to the XTI Panel.

How many do I need?

For Existing Wireless Systems-

The Wireless Translator will convert up to 47 of your current wireless devices. This will allow items like your current motion door or window sensors to send a signal to the XTI Panel. Note: Not for use with life safety devices, such as Smoke or CO sensors.

For Existing Hardwire Systems-

The Hardwire Translator will convert up to 8 of your wired devices. This will allow items like your current door or window sensors to send a signal to the XTI Panel. Note: Not for use with life safety devices, such as Smoke or CO sensors.

Security and Fire

Our wireless security sensors give you that extra peace of mind that you need and desire by being like a security guard at your home 24/7. Receive texts and alerts when a door, window, cabinet, or drawer with wireless sensor is opened or closed. Also if there is an emergency such a fire or glass broken, you are notified. Overall, we make this smart technology, simple to understand and easy for everyday use.

XTI Door and Window Sensors

To detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets, or drawers, these two piece wireless sensors are strategically placed on your desired platform. The opening of a door causes a wireless disconnection between the two pieces, the communication between the two is now interrupted and the control panel is put in alert.

How many do I need?-

First Choice Security recommends one sensor for each exterior door. This usually will consist of a front door, interior garage door, and a back slider or door. We also consider doing master bedroom windows and children’s windows. With an XTI motion detector it will cover big areas with lots of windows, but only is active when your away from home or business.

XTI Pet Immune Motion Detector

All movements can be measured with the XTI Motion Sensor. When a motion is detected, the control panel is put in alert. Motions can be detected from a range of up to 35 feet and pet immune up to 40 LBS.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends using the XTI Motion Detector to give you coverage in large rooms, hallways with entry/exit points or rooms with multiple windows. Strategically placed, the XTI Motion Detector could take the place of multiple window units. If you intend to arm your system while at home you should consider using window sensors in addition to the XTI Motion Detector.

XTI Glass Breakage Detector

The XTI Glass Break Sensor function is to detect the breakage of glass. Best used to protect larger windows and glass sliding doors. This technology can detect the pulsation and sound frequency of breaking glass for up to 25 feet from the window.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends using the Glass Sensor in a room with multiple windows. The Glass Sensor is especially useful if you have an open floor plan and windows span across more than one room. Using sound to trigger an event instead of motion, our Glass Sensor can be used as an added layer of protection.

XTI Smoke and Heat Detector

With 24/7 monitoring, this XTI Smoke has the ability to protect your home from fires in two ways. It detects the presence of smoke, and can identify when the heat temperature in a room is rising. In case of an emergency, a communication is sent to the control panel and to your mobile device. Once an alert is triggered, the control panel will notify the monitoring site, who will instantly dispatch the fire department to your home.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement and in each bedroom. Some insurance companies will also give you an additional discount for adding monitored smoke detectors to your system.

XTI Garage Tilt Sensor

Saving you the trouble of having to drive back home just to check that the garage door has not been left open, can really be a time saver for anyone. Securing every entry way is essential in a well protected home, and we have thought of it all for you. With the XTI Tilt, you can check the condition of your garage door from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. The XTI Tilt uses a technology that can measure the point in which your garage door is opened, and maintains the control panel in alert if any movement is detected.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing the XTI Tilt Garage Sensor on every overhead garage door.


Did you see you have an alert sent to your smartphone or pc from your opened door, but would like to see what’s really going on? This brings you peace in mind that you can know, and now see what’s going on in any event. Verify and see your kids getting home safe, and also knowing if there is a real intrusion happening in your home or business.

Indoor IP Camera

When’s state-of-the-art cameras are triggered to record, they automatically capture a video clip and send it directly to your mobile phone or computer based on your preferences. That way you can see exactly what’s going on.

How many do I need?-

In order to realize maximum value from your cameras, you need to carefully choose where you place them. FCS suggests the three top locations for camera placement.
*Entrances and exits will give you the best opportunity to identify who is coming and going in your home. *Anywhere you keep your valuables. This could include jewelry, gun cabinets or safe boxes. *Common areas where your loved ones would normally spend their time at home

Image Sensor

The XTI Image Motion Sensor comes with all the features of a traditional sensor (including pet sensitivity, to reduce the risk of a false alarm), and also includes the one-of-a-kind ability to take photographs. Activate the image sensor and the still camera will automatically start taking pictures. Pictures are sent instantly to your Control Panel and mobile device.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends using the XTI Image Sensor in the same manner as the XTI Motion Detector. Place one in each of the following areas: in large rooms, hallways with entry/exit points, or rooms with multiple windows. The advantage of the XTI Image Sensor is that it not only alerts you when activated, but will take a still picture to capture what has been detected. Strategically placed, the XTI Image Sensor could take the place of multiple window units. Simply place the XTI Image Sensor on an existing shelf, or use the variable adjusting bracket for precise coverage. If you intend to arm your system while at home, you should consider using window sensors in addition to the XTI Image Sensor.

Home Automation

Although, your safety is our primary concern, your comfort and desire to bring home innovation to you keeps us happy, because your life just got easier! Implement home automation to your Americas Best Alarms system and turn your house into a smart home. You just command the settings and your home will follow, because we value your time. With our integrated wireless technology, smart features allow you to automatically turn appliances on or off, control any light switch, and also control your energy use. All of this from any location and via the Internet, Yes! Welcome to your Smart Home!

XTI Door Lock -(Deadbolt or Lever)(Finished in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze)

The next innovation of the Kwikset deadbolt lock introduces the Z-Wave Push-Button lockset. With a keypad of 6 buttons that light up, and the ability to have personalized pass codes, this Z-Wave deadbolt lock allows you to unlock your home manually, or using a Z-Wave compatible home controller for an automatic deadbolt lock control. Using remote control features, you can audit the current status of the lock and choose to automatically lock or unlock your door. In addition, it is compatible with any Z-Wave products or central home controllers. With a compatibility of your standard exterior and interior doors, you can replace your existing deadbolt with the Z-Wave lock with no extra hassles or holes. Features allow for that deadbolt lock to be used even if your door is not perfectly aligned. The communication via Radio Frequency is anywhere between 50-100 feet. Other objects may impact the Radio Frequencies and the frequencies may be extended based on where other Z-wave devices are placed. In the case that you wish to manage this unit by a single network controller, and to obtain the best and most reliable connection between the deadbolt lock and the centralized controller, it is recommended that programming be done through a centralized User Interface using a PC or handheld device.

Kwikset’s SmartKey® re-key technology provides you the flexibility to re-key your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing the XTI Door Lock on your main entry door. Additional Z-Wave Door Locks can be installed on all of your exterior doors.

Available as a deadbolt or lever style lockset.

XTI Thermostat

Keep your house cool when you are at home, and save energy when you are not at home. The Control Panel Signals the XTI Thermostat to keep your desired temperature while you are in the house, and then shuts itself off when you are not at home. Set your preferred settings in your website portal to command your desired temperatures, and your away from home times for an automatic shut down. Enjoy the efficiency of being in control of your energy use in the comfort of your desired condition.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends replacing your current thermostat with the XTI Thermostat. If you currently have more than one thermostat, you will need to replace each one that you want to control.

XTI Zwave Products

Have you ever left your home and came back to a turned on home appliance? Well, with XTI Zwave Products you can turn your plugged in devices on or off.

Available: Lamp module, outlet, light switch and dimmer switch. From your website portal you can set-up on/off schedule and create rules and scenes.

You can set-up your XTI system control to turn your Christmas tree lights off at 10PM, lock your door, arm your alarm system to stay, and turn your heat down saving you time, and making your system work for your lifestyle.


Protect your home and family

XTI Water Sensor

The XTI Water Sensor is designed to put you a step ahead of any escalations of disastrous events like floods, heater leakages, or liquid overflows, or bursting pipes. The XTI Water Sensor detects the problem, and sets the XTI Control Panel in alert, who will then immediately send a notification to your mobile device, giving you the opportunity to a avoid an indoor swimming pool from forming.

How many do I need?-

FCS makes the following general recommendations, as the need for the XTI Water Sensor will vary on each individual home. Consider placing the XTI Water Sensor in areas likely to be subjected to water damage. Installation locations could be in basements or crawl spaces that utilize a sump pump, or in utility rooms where washing machines and water heaters are usually located.

XTI CO Detector

With the XTI CO Detector, your home stays safe from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Gas. Regardless if your system is armed or disarmed, the XTI Co Detector functions round-the-clock, ensuring that your home is safe from such invisible dangers. In the case that particles are detected, the XTI CO Detector will notify the control panel and you will be notified too


Choose the Ultimate Service Plan

100% Cellular Primary Communications

  • Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication
  • No phone line or Unsecure internet connections needed
  • Patented Smash & Crash technology

Gold Interactive Plan

  • Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication
  • Arm/Disarm alarm from Iphone, Android, or computer
  • Text email alerts for alarm system events
  • Control of Lights, Thermostats, and Locks from Smart Phone or Computer
  • Alerts to make sure your kids get home safe
  • Severe Weather Alerts
  • Intrusion, Burglary, Flood, Fire, and Smoke Detection with 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fastest Response Time in the Industry
  • Homeowners Insurance Discounts of up to 10-20%

Basic Interactive Plans

  • Secure Encrypted Wireless Communication
  • Arm/Disarm alarm from Iphone, Android, or computer
  • Text email alerts for alarm system events
  • Alerts to make sure your kids get home safe
  • Intrusion, Burglary, Flood, Fire, and Smoke Detection with 24/7 Monitoring
  • Fastest Response Time in the Industry
  • Homeowners Insurance Discounts of up to 10-20%

Insurance Discounts

It Only Gets Better

Most insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners with monitored security systems. Just ask your insurance provider on what possible savings you can save by installing a monitored security system. Our customers have saved up to 23% through their insurance company, with the most savings after installing monitored fire protection.