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Mission Statement

DPN Backgrounds & First Choice Security Inc. Have the strong core values of integrity, quality, customer care for life, to service the customer for a lifetime.

Behavioral Analysis Interviewing Service
DPN Backgrounds is a full loss prevention & Security service, conducting behavioral analysis exams in four states (MA,CT,RI,NH).

DPN Backgrounds provides services to the public sector, lawyers, and law enforcement. We take pride in our integrity, and all interviews are confidential and private.

We also partner with for burglar, fire, medical alarms for both residential and small commercial locations, as well as provide CCTV camera systems and covert cameras.

We provide loss prevention retail edits, and audits. We service convenience store chains, large and small–throughout MA, CT, RI, and NH. We take pride in matching store inventory against book inventory, we study trends from audit to audit and conduct random audits of inventory, cash, lottery, cigarettes, gas…and more.

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Special Offer


  • G.E Simon XTi Keypad
  • Serine, Back Up Battery
  • Three (3) I.T.I. Crystal Door/Window Contacts
  • One Crystal Pet Motion

  • One Remote Control Key Fob
  • Free Activation
  • Free Installation
  • Window Stickers And Lawn Sign
  • Insurance Discount Certificate

Special Offer Disclaimer

*Requires a Central Station monitoring agreement with our company to qualify for free equipment & labor offer. Must be over 18 years old and a homeowner with approved credit to qualify.

Limited time offer can be withdrawn at anytime. Offer provided by First Choice Security, Inc. MA Lic # 7158-FA-C / CT Lic # 0204388-L5


  • Hi Dan,
    Thank you very much for your prompt service in resolving my internet connection problems with my cameras. Starting from the day you installed my video security, you went the extra mile to be sure it was exactly what I needed. The system has performed perfectly and I have recommended your company to my friend. Let us hope that this referral will become a client. All the best to you and thanks again for helping me with my remote connection needs.

    John F
    Woodstock, CT
  • Mr. Narreau,
    We would like to take this time and thank you for opening our eyes to our losses we were experiencing at our locations. You left no stone un-turned. And were very swift to move in and resolve almost 9% shrink level. In only 3 ½ weeks! You have also provided our management team powerful tools to use not only in store at store level also, the HR department to use and apply during the hiring and screening process.

    Andrew S
    District Mgr. Pawtucket, R.I
  • Danny is the type of auditor that will question a simple $1.18 line void that others will simply over look and I have had the pleasure of working with him for over 10 years in retail. I have been given stores that needed to be turned around I had a store where everyone was robbing me blind. (Before our company bought cameras, I can recall him have a mile long journal tape by his feet checking off items as the clerks were “ringing”) that simple $1.18 void turned into an admission of $4,600.00 of theft of cash and under ringing retail theft.

    Western MA.
  • One day the phone rang and it was Dan he told me that he had been observing remotely a specific shift & that our cashier appeared to be stuffing money on her person after transactions. Dan gave me the details and I did a cash out sure enough the till was short the exact dominations that he gave to me. Attention to detail and I had a crisp photo and cd in my hands in an hour. I had everything I needed for a termination. Dan went the extra mile and had her pay back the money to us. And even was able to recover some employees missing money from the back room that we did not know about.

    Palmer MA.