Security and Fire

Our wireless security sensors give you that extra peace of mind that you need and desire by being like a security guard at your home 24/7. Receive texts and alerts when a door, window, cabinet, or drawer with wireless sensor is opened or closed. Also if there is an emergency such a fire or glass broken, you are notified. Overall, we make this smart technology, simple to understand and easy for everyday use.

XTI Door and Window Sensors

To detect the opening and closing of doors, windows, cabinets, or drawers, these two piece wireless sensors are strategically placed on your desired platform. The opening of a door causes a wireless disconnection between the two pieces , the communication between the two is now interrupted and the control panel is put in alert.

How many do I need?-

First Choice Security recommends one sensor for each exterior door. This usually will consist of a front door, interior garage door, and a back slider or door. Also we consider doing master bedroom windows and children windows. Also with an XTI motion detector it will cover big areas with lots of windows, but only is active when your away from home or business.

XTI Pet Immune Motion Detector

All movements can be measured with the XTI Motion Sensor. When a motion is detected the control panel is put in alert. Motions can be detected from a range of up to 35 feet and pet immune up to 40LBS.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends using the XTI Motion Detector to give you coverage in large rooms, hallways with entry/exit points or rooms with multiple windows. Strategically placed, the XTI Motion Detector could take the place of multiple window units. If you intend to arm your system while at home you should consider using window sensors in addition to the XTI Motion Detector .

XTI Glass Breakage Detector

The XTI Glass Break Sensor function is to detect the breakage of glass. Best used to protect larger windows and glass sliding doors. This technology can detect the pulsation and sound frequency of breaking glass for up to 25 feet from the window

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends using the Glass Sensor in a room with multiple windows. The Glass Sensor is especially useful if you have an open floor plan and windows span across more than one room. Using sound to trigger an event instead of motion, our Glass Sensor can be used as an added layer of protection.

XTI Smoke and Heat Detector

With 24/7 monitoring, this XTI Smoke has the ability to protect your home from fires in two ways. It detects the presence of smoke and can identify when the heat temperature in a room is rising. In case of an emergency a communication is sent to the control panel and to your mobile device. Once an alert is triggered the control panel will notify the monitoring site who will instantly dispatch the fire department to your home.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing smoke alarms on every level of your home, including the basement and in each bedroom. Some Insurance Companies will also give you an additional discount for adding monitored smoke detectors to your system.

XTI Garage Tilt Sensor

Saving you the trouble of having to drive back home just to check that the garage door was not been left open can really be a time saver for anyone. Securing every entry way is essential in a well protected home, and we have thought of it all for you.. With the XTI tilt you can check the condition of your garage door from the convenience of your computer or mobile device. The XTI Tilt uses a technology that can measure the point in which your garage door is opened and maintains the control panel in alert if any movement is detected.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing the XTI Tilt Garage Sensor on every overhead garage door.