XTI Water Sensor

The XTI Water Sensor is designed to put you a step ahead of any escalations of disastrous events like floods, heater leakages, or liquid overflows, or bursting pipes. The XTI Water Sensor detects the problem and sets the XTI Control Panel in alert, who will then immediately send a notification to your mobile device, giving you the opportunity to a avoid an indoor swimming pool from forming.

How many do I need?-

FCS makes the following general recommendations as the need for the XTI Water Sensor will vary on each individual home. Consider placing the XTI Water Sensor in areas likely to be subjected to water damage. Installation locations could be in basements or crawl spaces that utilize a sump pump or in utility rooms where washing machines and water heaters are usually located.

XTI CO Detector

With the XTI CO Detector, your home stays safe from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide Gas. Regardless if your system is armed or disarmed, the XTI Co Detector functions round-the-clock, ensuring that your home is safe from such invisible dangers. In the case that particles are detected, the XTI CO Detector will notify the control panel and you will be notified too