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Simon XT

The Simon XT panel comes standard with 40 wireless zones.

Simon XT supports off-premises telephone control to arm and disarm the system, check system status, activate no-entry delay, or activate the latchkey feature.

With latchkey capabilities, the panel can be programmed to notify customers if the system has not been disarmed at a scheduled time.

Simon XT can send messages to a central monitoring station using SIA or Contact ID formats. The panel can also report alarms to another land-line, phone location, or cell phone using Voice Event Notification.

Built-in two-way voice capability with VOX provides additional security and emergency contact with the monitoring station.

Use Simon XT to:

  • Find out if your kids break curfew
  • Keep tabs on an elderly parent
  • Receive reports by email or text message
  • Monitor activity on a safe, gun cabinet or liquor cabinet

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Optional Protection

Perimeter Intrusion Protection

Protect all accessible doors and windows for highest level of security.

PIR Motion Detection

Interior motion sensors with built in pet sensitivity for small dogs or a cat.

Glass Break

Sonic detector that triggers an alarm when glass is shattered, great for homes with crank out style windows and retail store fronts.

Key Fob

Just like your car alarm, arm and disarm system from outside, and even access a panic alarm from over 100’ from keypad.

Touch Screen Keypad

Ideal for Master Bedroom. Visual display of doors, windows and motion sensors that are open as well as voice chime. (Weather display is optional and requires GSM Cellular Communication)

Fire Detection

Photoelectric smoke detection to avoid false alarms, built in 135 degree heat sensor and rate of rise heat sensor. Do your current smoke detectors notify the fire dept? What if you’re not home when an electrical fire occurs?

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Homes using natural gas or oil for heat are prone to a carbon monoxide leak. This deadly gas is known as the silent killer because it has no scent.

Low Temperature

Attention snowbirds, this device will alert you or your handyman if the temperature gets too low in your home before the pipes freeze. Don’t come home to a mess in the spring.

Medical Pendant/Wristwatch

Two different styles to choose from. These devices will notify the EMT’s of a medical emergency. Built in two way voice technology will allow the central station operator to communicate with the person in need, without them getting to a phone.

GSM Cellular Monitoring

No home phone? No problem! Replace the need for a phone line to have your system monitored. Simultaneously open the door for advanced features, such as remote arming and disarming, from the Internet, or from your Smartphone. 60 day searchable history of events, know which user armed or disarmed the system, and at what time. Add and delete users remotely and more.