Home Automation

Although, your safety is our primary concern, your comfort and desire to bring home innovation to you keeps us happy because your life just got easier! Implement home automation to your Americas Best Alarms system and turn your house into a smart home. You just commandthe settings and your home will follow. Because we value your time.With our integrated wireless technology, smart features allow you to automatically turn appliances on or off, control any light switch, and also control your energy use. All of this from any location and via the internet Yes! Welcome to your Smart Home!

XTI Door Lock -(Deadbolt or Lever)(Finished in Polished Brass, Satin Nickel or Venetian Bronze)

The next innovation of the Kwikset deadbolt lock introduces the Z-Wave Push-Button lockset. With a keypad of 6 buttons that light up, and the ability to have personalized pass codes, this Z-Wave deadbolt lock allows you to unlock your home manually or using a Z-Wave compatible home controller for an automatic deadbolt lock control. Using remote control features, you can audit the current status of the lock and choose to automatically lock or unlock your door. In addition, it is compatible with any Z-Wave products or central home controllers. With a compatibility of your standard exterior and interior doors, you can replace your existing deadbolt with the Z-Wave lock with no extra hassels or holes. Features allow for that deadbolt lock to be used even if your door is not perfectly aligned. The communication via Radio Frequency is anywhere between 50-100 feet. Other objects may impact the Radio Frequencies and the frequencies may be extended based on where other Z-wave devices are placed. In the case that you wish to manage this unit by a single network controller, and to obtain the best and most reliable connection between the deadbolt lock and the centralized controller, it is recommended that programming be done through a centralized User Interface using a PC or handheld device.

Kwikset’s SmartKey® re-key technology provides you the flexibility to re-key your own locks quickly and easily without removing them from your door.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends installing the XTI Door Lock on your main entry door. Additional Z-Wave Door Locks can be installed on all of your exterior doors.

Available as a deadbolt or lever style lockset.

XTI Thermostat

Keep your house cool when you are at home and save energy when you are not at home. The Control Panel Signals the XTI Thermostat to keep your desired temperature while you are in the house and then shuts itself off when you are not at home. Set your preferred settings in your website portal to command your desired temperatures, and your away from home times for an automatic shut down. Enjoy the efficiency of being in control of your energy use in the comfort of your desired condition.

How many do I need?-

FCS recommends replacing your current thermostat with the XTI Thermostat. If you currently have more than one thermostat you will need to replace each one that you want to control.

XTI Zwave Products

Have you ever left your home and came back to a turned on home appliance? Well, with XTI Zwave Products you can turn your plugged in devices on or off.

Available: Lamp module, outlet, light switch and dimmer switch. From your website portal you can set-up on/off schedule and create rules and scenes.

You can set-up your XTI system control to turn your Christmas tree lights off at 10pm, lock your door, arm your alarm system to stay and turn your heat down saving you time and making your system work for your lifestyle.