About Me

As a mother of five boys and girls from 8 to 24 years old, I’ve found parenting an occasionally bumpy but also enjoyable and exhilarating ride (and I don’t even like rollercoasters!) I’ve faced many of the dilemmas you’re facing, and explored the best ways to manage them through books, courses and ultimately getting a parent coach of my own. This had such a big effect on my life that I decided to become one!

I’ve been a young mum, older mum, single mum, divorced mum, married mum and a working mum, yet the one mum I’ve never been is a perfect mum. But using my 24 years of mothering, my coaching skills, teaching practice and experience as a family worker working with families in schools, I think I’m uniquely placed to understand your concerns and offer you informed insights into ways you can develop your own constructive parenting style. I see parenting as a constantly evolving skill which should be nurtured through experience and reflection.

My life goal is to help as many people as possible feel fulfilled and content in their lives and to be able to feel they are achieving all that they wish.

Professional Work

In pursuing my life’s goal and with the aim of further developing human potential, I have set up Parenting Untangled and Employee Growth. I offer 1-2-1 personal development coaching. I write and facilitate workshops and courses with subjects such as parenting, employee development, self-improvement, stress, and life balance. I have also written and facilitated courses on a voluntary basis for patients recovering from cancer. I work part-time as a family worker, with families and individual children across 12 schools

I have written parenting columns too – you can follow my blog here…

I completed my training with Coaching Development in 2009 (www.coachingdevelopment.com). They are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) (www.coachingfederation.org.uk), whose code of ethics I abide by. The ICF is the largest worldwide resource for business and personal coaches and their clients.

I’m an English graduate with a BA (Hons) from Anglia Ruskin in Cambridge. I have taught English at secondary school level, and have taught mature students who needed to build confidence to return to education. I also have nursing experience, project management and events organisation experience


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  • Mari is a superb professional. I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone considering coaching. A great listener, easy to get on with and has impressive coaching skills

    Father of a teenager
  • [Coaching gave us] the ability to handle potentially explosive issues more calmly and in a more controlled manner [and] a less stressful atmosphere with fewer arguments.

    Mother of a teenager
  • Through my coaching session I realised how important it is for my children to feel listened to a bit more. I accept now that craft and cooking doesn’t need lots of preparation and can be started when they get excited by an idea rather than put off until it’s more convenient for me. This has definitely been worthwhile and having spontaneous fun with me more often is much better for us all

    Mum of a teenager
  • I have found Mari to be a very refreshing coach … with complete presence and non-judgemental attitude.  I feel she is really there with me and there is a real connection made which I believe is one of her many strengths as a coach. I have found the sessions to be consistent and completely led by me the client, which is very empowering.  I will certainly continue to use her services. Thank you Mari

    Father of a teenager
  • From being initially sceptical, I have to say that I was/still am impressed by the results.”

    Father of a teenager
  • We felt that [Mari’s] personal experience in coping with family issues added extra value to her credibility in this area

    Parents of a teenager
  • I think what makes coaching work is the relationship between you and your coach.  It doesn’t matter if you share the same background or experiences, it matters how the coach makes you feel, and Mari excels on that front.  She exudes a warmth and tenderness that transports you to a place of comfort and safety.  She listens intently and tactfully offers valuable insights on what she is hearing.  Her coaching has helped me see myself more clearly, allowing me to deal with change and move forward in life in a positive and productive manner

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