How to Prepare for an Unemployment Insurance Hearing

At the unemployment insurance hearing, you will have the opportunity to present evidence, such as papers, physical evidence, or witness testimony, in support of your position. Below are steps you can take to prepare for an unemployment insurance hearing and present your case.

  1. Gather all necessary paperwork and evidence to support your eligibility. This may include performance evaluations, pay stubs, phone bills, warning letters, and employee handbooks.
  2. Anticipate in advance what you will say to prove your case. Have an outline or list of points you want to convey.
  3. Ask witnesses to attend the hearing and testify on your behalf. Consider having the judge issue a subpoena for witnesses you believe may not voluntarily testify.
  4. This might be a good time to Contact DPN Backgrounds to help with the success of your claim. Employers are often represented by counsel or an agent in unemployment proceedings. You may wish to have an attorney or agent represent you during the hearing as well.